Luxury Product Design Course


Particularly designed to make you industry-ready, B. Des in Luxury Product Design is a unique program that encourages experiential learning. Be it lucrative employment or entrepreneurship, this program will enable you to ace your goals & distinguish yourself in the industry.

Preparing you to practice future design & bring innovative solutions, this course provides vast exposure through masterclasses, field visits & exchange programs with prestigious Design Institutes. Through diverse modules consisting of theory, studio practice & live projects, you’ll develop the competence required to amalgamate aesthetics and sustainability with innovation in design practices for optimal results. From beginner to advanced, the course structure consists of all the prerequisites for you to hone your skills, at par with global standards.

The final year of this course shall involve choosing a specialization, thereby incorporating your subjective creative expression. The final year project shall act as a medium for you to reflect your own take on design aesthetics & philosophy as a product designer.

Bachelors of Design (B. Des) | 4 Years


DIA offers one of the best Product Design courses in India. The detailed course structure is as follows:-

The first year will act as a launchpad for your succeeding years at DIA. You will be immersed in interdisciplinary studio studies to hone the fundamentals of Design. This year will be your gateway, introducing you to the captivating world of art & design. You’ll expand your knowledge base by studying art appreciation, exploring different materials, and gaining insights into the basics of Product Design.

The second year will foster research skills, analytical thinking & concept visualization. You’ll learn to transform your 2D ideas into reality as 3D prototypes with suitable materials & techniques. This will stretch your imaginative capabilities, propelling you to develop a visual language for powerful presentations through CAD software.

The third year will enrich your knowledge base with elevated & creative practices in the luxury segment of varied product domains. You’ll explore and ideate techniques, to develop an advanced skill set. During this time, you’ll also immerse yourself in extensive research and build your own original design philosophy that reflects your subjective perspective.

Come into your own in the final year. You’ll channel your creative expression & learnings to create your final year design project. It’s when you bring your ideas and your design perspective to life while solving modern issues in product design trends that affect the industry worldwide. DIA is one of the best product design colleges in India that has a unique curriculum focused on practical learning.

Become a world-class creator with the skillset nurtured by this course!


At the end of your transformative journey at of the best product design institutes in Delhi, you’ll find yourself with the following aspects:-

  • You’ll be prepared to make your mark in the industry. With your eye for research & analysis, you will be able to contextualize information to bring innovation & future-led concepts to create a more sustainable world.
  • You’ll possess the integral knowledge to practice ethical product designing that’s aligned with the luxury market requirements.
  • You’ll be equipped to ideate, produce & effectively present a product range, at par with industry standards.
  • You’ll gain specialization in your chosen pathway from the domain with your Product Design degree.
  • You’ll know how to effectively collaborate with varied domains, with optimal time management skills. Be it peer assessment or leading a team, this course will have you ready to steer the path of your own success.

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