Jewelley & Accessory Design


This is a core Jewellery program designed for students interested in taking up career in the jewellery industry as a merchandiser, buyer, retail manager and Visual merchandiser.

This course would also be an extended study for jewellery designers who have undertaken a short duration jewellery design course and would be keen to build up knowledge of the business and commercial understanding of the industry.

Bachelors in Jewellery & Accessory Design | 3 Years (B.Sc in Jewellery Degree)

Diploma in Accessory Design (IMS - DIA)

Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Jewellery Business & Design | 2 Years


Year One covers the introductory modules to build skills and conceptual understanding of jewellery design, like drawing, 3D sketching, rendering and illustration using different colour medium and material exploration to shape simple forms. Alongside student will gain knowledge of essential components that make up the jewellery, History of Jewellery, Art and Design and Gemmology. At the end of the year, the Design Process which will enable students to design from a brief will culminate as a project along with CAD soft-wares like Photoshop & Corel Draw.

Year Two emphasises on technical learning and application of design and sampling with jewellery material. They will learn Orthographic Views, Weight Approximation and Cost Estimation for precious jewellery. The project in year 2 will be individual, self initiated, consumer focused design brief to enable better understanding of how the market works. Jewellery manufacturing processes will be explored through industry visits and students will start to design on jewellery designing software such as Matrix.

The final year is industry oriented, where semester and graduation projects, industry exposure through internship and industry interface takes place. The students will also understand mass production and the processes used for the same. The Graduation Project will be the culmination of all learning via an industry based Design Project.


The students after completing the course will be able to -

Demonstrate a general knowledge and understanding of key stylistic, technical and functional developments in the history of design with particular reference to accessory and jewellery from the eighteenth century to the present.

Will be able understand the segments and categories in the jewellery/accessory industry. An awareness of contemporary products should be developed through research and visiting retail outlets, galleries and exhibitions.

Will be able to learn metal Smithing skill for wider application and understanding of tools and techniques required for metalsmithing. Experiment and explore specific techniques to facilitate innovative concepts and develop design solutions.

Will be able to identify and assort Diamonds and Gemstones for quality assessment. Basic Gemmology within the context of the commercial market. Students will be introduced to Diamond Grading principles.

Will be able to identify and apply non-precious materials to create jewellery and accessory collections.

Will be able to ideate, Design and present a collection of Jewellery and accessory products. Translate and realise concepts in two and three dimensions. Communicate ideas, information, problems and solutions in visual, written and oral forms.

Will be able understand mass production activities. Quantity production techniques. Technological innovations and commercial developments. Health and safety regulations. Knowledge of hallmarking and industry standards will be applied, supported by a visit to the assay office

Demonstrate innovative approaches in the use of technologies, materials and techniques in the manufacture of jewellery and Accessory. Apply information effectively through CAD/CAM and general IT skills.