Interior Design Course


Visualize endless possibilities & bring them to life with B.Des in Interior Design. This distinctive program is designed to equip you with the technical and creative know-how to make sustainable creations.

Aimed to create world-class interior designers who can combine innovation with sustainability for environment-conscious designs, this course fosters experiential learning. It allows industry exposure through various visits, masterclasses & exchange programs with reputed Design Institutes. You’ll also be guided to keep abreast of the latest developments in technologies, materials & construction techniques.

Aligned with the aim to stimulate experiential learning, the course allows you to strike the right balance between innovation & commercial design practice through modules involving theory, practical studio training & live projects to ace your skills, from beginner to advanced levels.

Specialize in the area of your choice in your final year wherein you’ll showcase your own design aesthetics & philosophy in your project.

Bachelors of Design (B. Des) | 4 Years

Post Graduate (PG) Diploma | 2 Years


B.Des by DIA is one the best Interior Design courses in India. The course structure is as follows:-

The first-year curriculum will introduce you to the intriguing world of art & design. You’ll be immersed in interdisciplinary studio learnings to gain insights into the fundamentals of design & build your knowledge base on interior design trends. Through art appreciation, the study of materials, and the basics of design, you’ll develop the requisite skills to propel you forward for advanced studies.

The second year will foster a learning environment to further develop your critical thinking skills, research abilities, and conceptualization capabilities.

It will guide you to transform your 2D ideas into 3D prototypes, bringing your vision to life. You’ll learn the nitty gritty of the social & cultural context of interior design, construction techniques & utilization of varied materials. This will enhance your acumen for analyzing the complexities of design.

Your studies in the third year will focus on specialized interior design projects such as exhibition & set design, office spaces, art galleries, and visual merchandising. You’ll acquire advanced skills through exploration & ideation on materials, textiles, surfaces, trends & production techniques. Enriching your knowledge of the various aspects & practical application of interior design principles, this year will play a significant role in your journey to becoming a distinguished interior designer.

The final year will open up doors to topics of global importance. You’ll be trained to address the environment & sustainability concerns across the world concerning the industry. DIA is one of the best interior design colleges in India that emphasizes experiential learning.


  • You’ll find yourself a different person than when you first started your journey at one of the best Interior Design institutes in Delhi.
    Some of the transformative developments are as follows:-
  • You’ll be able to create sensible interior spaces that align with your client’s requirements and the environment.
  • You’ll be prepared to follow sustainable practices in Interior Designing & bring innovative solutions using technological advancements.
  • You’ll be able to lead ideation, production, and effective creation of interior spaces to suit your client’s needs.
  • You’ll be equipped to identify and recommend effective solutions for production finishings with appropriate materials.
  • You’ll be able to singlehandedly collaborate within & outside the domain, with effective management of your time. Be it teamwork, leadership, or peer assessment, this Interior Design degree will also make you confident in fulfilling multiple roles.

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