Interior Design


B. Des in Interior design is a program which helps its graduates to visualize a variety of possibilities with respect to the built environment. The course aims at creating interior designers who are sensitive towards the needs of the clients as well as towards the environmental concerns prevalent in the interior design industry. With the changing times and lifestyles, students are also taught about the advancements in technologies, materials and construction techniques.

Students are exposed to experiential learnings throughout the course via visits, exchanges, and masterclasses. They are trained to judge the right balance of innovation and commercial design practices through modules based on theory, tools, studio and projects in all levels.

The course offers specializations in the areas of to choose from in the final year. The learnings during the course, culminates into a final design project in the final year reflecting student's design philosophy and personal design aesthetics.

Bachelors of Design (B. Des) | 4 Years

Post Graduate (PG) Diploma | 2 Years


First year is categorically the foundation year focusing on studying interdisciplinary studio learnings to grasp the fundamentals of design and interior trends. It introduces the student to the world of art and design through art appreciation, material study and basics of design.

Second year creates a learning environment in which seeds of research, analysis and conceptualization skills are nurtured. Students learn how to translate and realize their 2D ideas into 3D prototypes with appropriate finishes. In this year students will be exposed to social and cultural context of interior design, construction techniques, materials.

Third year focuses on specialised interior design projects such as exhibition and set design, office spaces, art galleries and visual merchandising. Student acquire advance skills in exploring and ideating the materials, textiles, surfaces, trends and production techniques.

In the final year, the focus is to address the environmental and sustainability concerns across the globe with regards to interior and construction industry.


The students after completing this course -

Will be able to create sensible interior spaces as per the needs of the client and the environment.

Will be able to practice sustainable interior practices in interior design and the ability to use innovative solutions with the help of knowledge of advancements in technology.

Will be able to ideate, produce and effectively create an interior space based on an clients requirements.

Will be able to identify and suggest appropriate solutions for Production and finishings with relevant materials.

Will be able to collaborate within and outside the domain, manage the time for team work and peer assessment.