Fashion Design Course


A unique program that will equip you with the skill set required to make your mark in the fashion & design industry, be it through enhancing your employability or helping you kickstart your own entrepreneurial journey. Practice future fashion & solve bigger problems in the global fashion & textile industry with this course’s unique offerings.  

The course will expose you to experiential learning via masterclasses, visits & exchange programs with some of the topmost universities & brands in the world. You’ll be trained to strike the right balance between ethics & sustainability with innovation in design practices through various modules based on theory, utilization of tools, studio & practical projects, from beginner to advanced levels.

The course enables you to channel your self-expression, allowing you to choose your area of specialization in the final year. Here, the learnings of the course will culminate into a design project which will encapsulate your unique design philosophy & aesthetics.

Bachelors of Design (B. Des) | 4 Years

Post Graduate (PG) Diploma | 2 Years


B.Des by DIA is one of the best fashion designing courses in India. The detailed course structure is as follows:-

Your first year at DIA will be your foundational year. It will impart interdisciplinary studio learning to transform your critical thinking & problem-solving skills. You’ll grasp the fundamentals of design and fashion, which will set you up for advanced learning.

The second year will nurture the seeds sown in your foundation year. You will work closely with your mentors to advance your analytical, research & conceptualization skills. This year will play a major role in your evolution as a designer. You’ll learn how to translate your 2D ideas into 3D prototypes, realizing the potential of your limitless imagination to change the world. With exposure to the social & cultural context of fashion & media studies during this time, you will develop your own visual language to produce impactful presentations.

The world will open up to be your stage in the third year. You’ll get the opportunity to showcase your work in international competitions. Working closely on materials, textiles, surfaces, trends, and production techniques, this is the time to put your conceptualization skills to use. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the creative practices in women’s and men’s wear & immerse yourself in extensive research to build your own design philosophy, something that’ll make you stand apart as a designer.  DIA is one of the best fashion designing courses in India that has a unique curriculum focussed on practical learning.

With your skillset & design acumen as your armor, you can make a difference. You’ll channel your learnings in your final year design project. Allowing you to step into your power, this year will sharpen your focus on addressing modern issues in Fashion Designing & contemporary trends across the globe. Be it the aspects of branding or entrepreneurship, you’ll learn & apply them. The learnings of this year will culminate in the emergence of your own collection, at par with industry requirements & reflecting your unique design philosophy.


As a graduate from one of the best fashion design institutes in Delhi, your evolution into a top designer will be accompanied by the following transformative developments:-  

  • You’ll be industry ready with this fashion degree. With your strong research & conceptualization skills, you’ll be able to innovate & develop future-led concepts for a sustainable world of fashion design.  
  • You’ll be able to engage & transform ethical fashion, being aligned with your understanding of trends & forecasts in the market.
  • You’ll know every detail of the fashion design process & how it operates within the industry.
  • You’ll be fully equipped to utilize technology & present your ideas in powerful visual language to your clients & seniors.
  • You’ll know how to seamlessly collaborate with varied domains & peers, ace time management & will be able to lead a team confidently.  

Transform your possibilities and make a difference in the world with B.Des from DIA, one of the topmost fashion designing colleges in the country!

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