Communication Design


In the present developing industry environment, need for visual communication is increasing in the form of social digital medium Every industry has a requirement to stand out from the crowd to gain access to their audience to sell products and services.

Communication Design program is designed to train students for the visual communication industry. Students will be trained towards futuristic career in the field of branding, advertising and film making. Program focuses on to teach creative ways to communicate through visuals using different set of art forms like animation, graphics ,video and film making etc.

The course offers specializations in the areas of to choose from in the final year. The learning's during the course, culminates into a final design project in the final year reflecting student's design philosophy and personal design aesthetics.

Bachelors of Design (B.Des) | 4 Years


First year is categorically the foundation year focusing on studying interdisciplinary studio learning's to grasp the fundamentals of design and art fundamentals. It introduces the student to the world of art and design through art appreciation, material study and basics of design. Students will also be introduced ton photography and film making.

Second year creates a learning environment in which seeds of research, analysis and conceptualization skills are nurtured. In this year students will be exposed to social and cultural context of visual communication and graphic design. Students are also introduced to digital 2d and 3d tools.

Third year focuses on specialized graphic design projects such as products for publishing industry, Advertisements and other visual communication elements.

Final year gives students a scope to manage their own learning's in form of final Design project. . The year starts with branding and entrepreneurship learning's which supports their final design in line with industry requirement or their personal design philosophy.


The students after completing this course -

Will be able to fundamentals of visual design and visual communication.

Will be able to developed graphic design content and products.

Will be able to ideate and develop assigned projects.

Will be able to understand the needs of the industry and provide out the solution.