Communication Design Course


In the era of social media, you can make brands stand apart with your expertise in visual communication. This course is designed to equip you with the requisite skill set to meet the growing demands of the visual design industry.

The course offers an exhaustive curriculum, enabling you to carve your path in the fields of branding, advertising & filmmaking. The program will train you to communicate creatively through visuals using various art forms such as animation, graphics, video & film making amongst many others.  

Evolve into an expert with specialization in the area of your choice in the final year of this program. You’ll be given a final design project showcasing your personal design aesthetics & conceptual knowledge.

Bachelors of Design (B.Des) | 4 Years


The first year sets a strong foundation with interdisciplinary studio learning to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of design & art. Through art appreciation, the study of varied materials, and the basics of design, it immerses you in the fascinating world of art & design. Through these studies & exposure to photography & filmmaking, this year will help mold you into a creative thinker & develop your drive for innovation.

The second year will foster a learning environment that further builds on your learnings from the first year. You’ll develop research skills, analytical thinking, and the art of conceptualization and learn about 2D & 3D digital design tools. Through exposure to the social & cultural context of visual communication & graphic design, this year will equip you with advanced skills.

The third year will guide you to create specialized graphic design projects including products for the publishing industry, advertisements & other elements of visual communication.

The final year will pave the way for you to become industry ready. You’ll channel your knowledge & skills to create a design project. From the details of branding to the principles of entrepreneurship, you’ll be trained in every essential aspect to deliver your project at par with industry standards. This will also serve as an important platform to showcase your personal design philosophy. DIA is one of the best communication design colleges in India with a curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning.


Expand your possibilities with this communication design degree with the following learning outcomes:-

  • You’ll have insights into the fundamentals of visual & communication design.
  • You’ll be able to develop impressive graphic design content & products as you graduate from one of the best communication design institutes in Delhi.
  • You’ll possess the ability to ideate & develop assigned projects.
  • You’ll possess a thorough understanding of the needs of the industry and provide effective solutions.

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