The World is Your Stage at IMS - DIA

Design & Innovation Academy was established in 2005 with a vision of nurturing and training design professionals with the right calibre, expertise, attitude and creative thinking skills.

Established to foster a design education revolution in India, IMS-DIA has been unique from the very start. It is the first academy to have its own production house and retail showroom. With a team of dedicated faculty from national.

DESIGN & INNOVATION ACADEMY (DIA) is a world-class Design School in India that provides exceptional education & training at par with global standards. From Exchange Programs with the world’s topmost universities to collaborations with the best international brands, DIA opens up a plethora of global opportunities & exposure for you, resulting in a one of its kind global experience. 

We enable you to DREAM big, DARE to disrupt & DESIGN innovation. We offer both Graduate and Post-graduate courses in Design taught by renowned faculty. These include industry experts, design entrepreneurs & international guest faculty from the world’s topmost universities.

DIA is the go-to school for innovators who believe that their creations can make a difference in the world. At DIA, you’ll get practical hands-on training, be it from traditional artisans in class or through experimentation in our Eco-labs where you’ll create sustainable products that you can showcase on global platforms. DIA equips you to bring your vision to reality & prepares you for a rewarding career. 

Located only half an hour away from the country’s thriving capital, we have an open & welcoming campus where you’ll find students from across the world. It is in line with our values for inclusivity & diversity across genders, ethnicities & nationalities. Our culturally rich campus & diverse student body brings to light new perspectives on the world, for holistic growth. 

We make this world a better place through innovation. For you we create -

- A global experience (through collaborations, exchange programs, and international faculty)
- Experiential learning through our innovative setup (70% practical training)
- The confidence to challenge the status quo & disrupt the industry 

So that, YOU can bring your vision to life & become the best in your field on the world stage.

Our Mission

Design & Innovation Academy is a world-class Institution of Higher Education at IMS. Our mission is to provide global exposure & practical knowledge for students to transform into innovators & creative thinkers. We enable them to be able to showcase their creations on global platforms & leave their indelible mark.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an international leader in Design at the higher education level. We are also committed to paving the way for productional sustainability for a better world.