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The aim is to equip Design fraternity ( Learner and Provider) with highly contextual and innovative cross-disciplinary engagement. The institute provides a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for research and learning.

The emphasis is on self-motivated learning by using information, experience and practice. The Research methodology aims at using the inputs from core functional areas to inter-disciplinary issues and problem solving. The processes involved in Research are experiencing, conceptualizing, analyzing and finally applying to foster higher order thinking skills and deeper learning.


The emphasis is on self-motivated learning by using information, experience and practice. The Research methodology aims at using the inputs from core functional areas to inter-disciplinary issues and problem solving approach. Researchers undertake scholastic , industry related and workshop based assignments, R&D at the Institute incorporates a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for Solution based research projects directed at developing a higher Design based awareness and understanding.

Projects undertaken under R&D

1.Master Classes

Master Classes are a series of intensive two-three day , state-of-the-art sessions ,Classes developed specifically for Design students, professionals and Design enthusiasts. They would be embedded within one of the world’s most forward-thinking Design education programme initiatives by the Director Ms. Deepti Pant at Ims - Dia (Design industry Club) .The Master Classes are given by leaders in the design field, all of them top lecturers or alumni from the various domains of Design Industry working in a range of disciplines of the continuously developing design field.
Key Skill Area:
In this the industry expert will share their experience, Knowledge and expertise on the specific topic mutually discussed with us. This will give students an insight to the industry and will also upgrade them to the latest trends, forecasts, technology and market sensibilities.

2. Research papers
3. Quarterly News Letter
4. Research Blog
5. Outreach Program
1A fully equipped Design Studio/ Centre to cater to all Service Design and product development Based needs of the industry.
2International trends and forecast based project development.
3Design Consultancy Services. One stop shop for all Design requirements. (phase 2) (cater to PCJ etc)
4R&D Services for Innovative Design and Development. Market research based with active student, faculty and professional participation
5Design Resource Centre. Local Resource development for future collections catering to different markets
6Design awareness and facilitation of Industry through seminars and workshops.
7Fully equipped infrastructure for in-house CAD and Prototyping assistance.
8Student on live project modules. (cost saving and self resource building opportunities to students of DIA)
9Student - Industry link modules.
6. Craft Connect :

The Craft sector in India has been documented profusely from a perspective of historical, heritage and Design aspects. However, its real contribution to rural livelihoods and the national economy has not been comprehensively estimated or evaluated. There is a need for a comprehensive study of the sector to unveil its true dimensions – the numbers and distribution of people, the changes over time in their demographic profile and activities, the current status of their activities and livelihoods, and a true picture of their contribution to the national economy.

Artisan Development Programs and Cluster initiatives (under the DCH schemes )

Craft Documentation


Introduction with the idea of sensitizing design students who come from different city background towards regional Jewelry craft traditions of India. This will give them a good exposure to the regional handicrafts in their natural habitat where the Craft is made by the artisans from locally available materials and using homemade tools. The exposure will result in developing greater sensitivity and appreciation of the crafts and the indigenous processes.


1. To revive, preserve and support declining indigenous knowledge, resources and skills

2. To enable students to know to update artistic technologies.

3. To help to create a sustainable source of raw materials.

4. To awaken the creativity of a community through sensitive design intervention

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Managed by IMS, Noida group, IMS-Design & Innovation Academy was established in 2005 in Noida with a vision to nurture and train professionals in Design, Fashion and Communication.

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