Communication Design

Trails of India is a campaign designed to promote Michelin tires for bikes. The campaign consists of events, mobile application, print and digital ads.

Campaign was designed by our communication design student Sylvester Singh under the supervision of Pulp Strategy.S

Fashion Design

India Handloom had selected the department’s entry Round 2nd India Handloom Brand Design Contest for the Indo Western Women category.

The Department of Fashion Design was selected for top 20 finalist for India Design in 2016

Interior and Space Design

GRAINPORT . economic and eco-friendly way to transport a mini grocery shop while you are camping out in the wild.
Although an added adventure for some, cooking your daily meal during a vacaon is a concern especially when that is the only opon available.
Few would like to go through the addional botheraon to first create a list of items, then go out and buy them, pack them in a way that they remain easy accessible and be ready to carry that weight on the go.
Then there is the big issue of carrying those plasc bags into the wild. Once they are empty, most of them would be discarded, causing serious eco hazards.

What if there are no need for plasc bags at all? What if there is a ready checklist made available to you? What if all you would need to do is ck the required items you need and have your list ready? What if you have a system to customize your own backpack according to your list? What if you get to choose the right size that best suits your requirement? No extra baggage and no reason to carry any extra weight. Moreover, when you find it heavy, what if, it could be dragged along like a trolley? You can expect all this and much more from GRAINPORT.

It is a collecon of denim pouches, of different sizes to carry different weights of grocery items. All these pouches then can be aached on a “motherboard”, of 50” X 36” piece of denim, with metal buons. Just choose the right size of pouches that best suits your need.

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About Dia

Managed by IMS, Noida group, IMS-Design & Innovation Academy was established in 2005 in Noida with a vision to nurture and train professionals in Design, Fashion and Communication.

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